Prayer Letter from the Legters, September 2012

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Dear Friends and Prayer Partners:

God’s Word says: “Now that I am old and gray, do not abandon me, O God.  Let me proclaim your power to this new generation, your mighty miracles to all who come after me. … You have done such wonderful things.  Who can compare to you, O God?”  (Ps 71:18-19, NLT)

As we look back over 45 years of service here in Mexico, and celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, we thank the Lord because He has preserved us, has not abandoned us, and has allowed us to proclaim His power and might to the next generation.  He has been faithful in our family and in the Seminary where we have served: in Yucatan for 30 years, and in Mexico City for 3.  As you can read in the attached resume of our ministry, the training of the future generations has been our goal since coming to Mexico in 1967.  We can now see how He prepared us and led us and has used us to further His Kingdom and help His church grow in this part of the world.

This being summer, our activities were different, although weekends were still marathon trips to many villages.  Daniel and family  and a friend of Debbie’s, came in July to help with the wedding preparations.  The wedding itself had to wait an hour for the rain   to stop (it was held in a garden) but it turned out to be a lovely evening.  Debbie and Rolando live 5 minutes away, so they drop by every day.  Debbie is working in a private school, and also will be teaching English in the Seminary 2 evenings a week.

The theology school is trying out classes from 4 to 10 p.m.; the music school continues its classes in the day.  We thank the Lord, a real answer to prayer, for the 15 new theology students, and 13 new students in the music school.  This will be Dan Isaac’s last year (some of you have been helping to support him).  He will need $250 dollars per month for 11 months still.  He has done very well.  People in his home town are surprised at how well he plays.

Camp was wonderful this year.  Thanks to all who contributed for scholarships.  There were over 150 campers each week, first for children, and then the youth week.  Many decisions for the Lord were made, especially among the young people.  The leaders were rejoicing over one very special night of repentance and reconciliation.  Camp has been held at the present location 45 years now, but was begun some 70 years ago by Rev. Celis, a Merida pastor, and Dave’s parents.

On September 8 we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with a Thanksgiving musical.  We were glad our 3 children could be here for this event.  We say with the psalmist, “the boundary lines have fallen to us in pleasant places.  Surely we have a delightful inheritance.” (Ps 16:6)  Enclosed is our latest family photo. Left to right: (back row) Daniel, wife Debra, Debbie and Rolando, and Mark and wife Altia; (front row) Daniel’s three: Caleb, Owen and Alyssa; Jean and Dave, and Mark’s two: Johnny and Ellie.

We missed not seeing some of you this summer, but look forward to traveling to the States a year from now.  Thank you so much for your gifts and prayers.

Your servants for Jesus’ sake,

Jean and Dave Legters

P.S. Your gifts for our ministry may be sent to:

The Magi,   P.O. Box 43,       Byron Center, MI 49315

(make your check out to “The Magi”, add a note stating what it is for)

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