Green Hill Good News, November 2012

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From the desk of Pastor Dan:

Pastor’s Brief Report through the first 39 weeks of 2012

This year has been both exhilarating and cause for concern from your pastor’s perspective.   Exhilaration with the January conference of the Fellowship of Presbyterians in Orlando, probably the highlight of my year.  A close second would be the mission trip to Yucatan just prior to that.  It is thrilling to be on mission.  I believe the moments and events that involve us in outreach, whether here in Enterprise or in Mexico, be it seeking new associations in the Presbyterian world following last year’s depressive sense of abandonment within the PCUSA, or the new thing of taking our VBS on the road to/for kids who would not experience a day of Bible School fun otherwise….these are the moments we live for in between the rhythmic occurrence week by week of Sunday worship and teaching.

I’ve mentioned the high points for me.  The grind of ministry has occurred during monthly meetings of a Beta Group of conservatives and liberals seeking to find common ground at meetings held at Trinity Presbyterian in Pensacola; the challenge of each Presbytery meeting knowing I must now defend in every setting what I used to take for granted: the traditional interpretation of biblical faith; plotting a pathway for Green Hill that seeks unity in Christ without a breakup of our local congregation (the pain of losing three vital members of Green Hill is some of the fall-out so far); and of course on a personal level the discovery that the mother of our two sweet grandchildren who have lived with us for three years now must fight for her life while staying strong for her children and learning a new future with her husband, my son.

I am deeply grateful for how Green Hill has come around Amanda and Jon and Anita and myself as we pull together as a family for the days ahead.  There are some strong warriors here who have known the ravages of cancer and disease and sudden loss in their own personal lives.  We are in an exceptional place of care at this time.  Thank you, Green Hill.

Pastoral ministry continues apace.  I have been involved mostly in the care of the sick and shut-ins and those going through various stages of grief.  Hospital and home and phone and in-office consultations have kept me busy.  I have kept long hours at the office as well.  Some of those hours have been used for personal devotion and resourcing of work for the minister’s association, the Fellowship of Presbyterians contacts I have, duties and discussions within PresbyteryGeneral Assembly involvement, a few Rotary Club activities, and so forth.

I’ve left out of this periodic report many activities and enjoyable times of fellowship that have sustained me through this year.  I love being your pastor.  We do have some great challenges ahead.  As you can tell we are not growing much younger in average or median age.  We are losing at a pretty good clip strong and previously very active members of our church; nothing new here.  Churches across the land are experiencing the same.   We are most fortunate, however, to have added some very good members in 2012.

Thank you for the good spirit of mutual understanding and support that I have experienced among members of the Session and other key leaders in the church.  It makes all the difference in the world.  I am blessed to be your leader.

Pastor Dan


•          Approved Pat’s request to use church parking lot and Fellowship Hall for benefit yard sale (for Amanda’s bone marrow transplant) December 7 and 8.

•          Called for a meeting of the congregation following worship Sunday, Oct 28th, to hear report of Annual Nominating Committee and elect Elders and a Trustee to Class of 2015.

•          Discussed matters pertaining to new policy and fee scale of the Board of Pensions.

•          Received third quarter financial report.  Currently the budget is $5,314 in arrears.  Projected income is slightly short of what was expected ($119,590 or 72%) but actual expenses are right where expected ($124,903 or 75.28%).

•          Accepted Midge’s retirement as Choir Director after 25 years of faithful service.  Her leadership and talents will be sorely missed.

•          Worship Committee reported on interim plans for choral and special music at services through the remainder of the year.

•          Stewardship Committee will be sending a letter soon after Nov 1 to each member of the church asking for new pledges of support for the 2013 church budget.  Stewardship and Pledge Sunday is November 18.

•          Responded to request for input from the Fellowship of Presbyterians.  Green Hill will cluster with two or three other churches for mutual encouragement and accountability in the near future.  The next Fellowship of Presbyterian conference will be held in Orlando, Jan 29 – Feb 1.  If any member of the church would like to attend please speak with Pastor Dan or our Clerk, Betty.


America’s National Prayer Committee put out a call for everyone to pray for 40 days prior to the November election.  Green Hill has answered that call, and for the past several weeks our members have been meeting in our sanctuary to pray for our country.  We will continue to hold prayer time from 4pm to 5pm, seven days a week, until Tuesday, November 6.  If you can join us, please come.  If you can’t come, please pray along with us at home.  The United States is a nation in trouble, and believers need to pray as never before.


Calling all Musicians, Singers, Poets, and Actors.  November 7 is your night to use your gifts and talents to Praise God.  There is a sign-up sheet in the kitchen area for this night so we can schedule everyone.  We already have three signed up! Be sure to let Kimberli know what you plan to do and how much time is needed.  We can’t wait to see all of you there!


The deadline for submissions to the December 2012 church newsletter is Tuesday, November 20.  Items can be emailed to, or dropped off in the church office.  Many thanks to our contributors.


Dear Pastor Dan and Green Hill Presbyterian members,

I would like to express my family’s heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all of the kindness and support all of you at Green Hill have extended to us during the last few weeks as we have tried our best to cope with the sudden loss of our mother. 

I would especially like to thank Pastor Dan for all of the time and special effort he offered.  His thoughtful words and guidance were reassuring and helpful in our time of need.  I would also like to thank Sandi for the extra time and effort she volunteered as we prepared our mother’s service.  In addition, thank you to all who and a hand in providing the wonderful meal for our friends and family in the Fellowship hall.

Nothing will ever fill the void we are now faced with, but knowing that we have friends like you is comforting.  I now understand why my mother was so proud to be a member of Green Hill and why she always spoke so highly of all of yo

Thank you.

Anthony Lepore


It’s that time of year again.  You will soon be receiving your pledge letter and card.  Please don’t forget to return them by November 18, Stewardship Sunday.  Thank you.


Our thanks and appreciation go out to Carl B., Jim C., and Jim K. for handling repairs to the drainage system of our kitchen sinks and disposal.  They saved the church a great deal of expenses.


Need to know what’s going on at Green Hill?  Be sure to check out the church’s website,  Each week the site is updated with the latest information, including a current schedule of events.  Since the new site launched in mid-March, we have had over 4000 hits!


Do you have an idea for a message to run on our new digital sign?  We are currently accepting suggestions in the church office.


Thank you to everyone who donated to and/or shopped at the recent Coffee County Family Services Yard Sale.  The sale raised over $20,000 for the Center.  According to Judy Crowley, Executive Director, the funds will support the programs at the Center for another four months and will buy crucial time until more funding can be secured.


Last month the Boy Scouts of America, including Green Hill’s Troop/Pack #150, participated in the annual Scouting for Food program.  The scouts left notes at houses around town, letting residents know about the food drive.  People were asked to leave food donations for the needy on their porches and by their mailboxes.

On that Saturday morning, the Scouts and their leaders drove around to collect the food.  The group included 13 Scouts and 15 Adults from Troop 150 and 7 Cubs and 4 Adults from Pack 150.  Everyone assembled at Green Hill at 8am and began to pick up the bags just before 9am.  They had all of the food sorted by Noon.

All of the food collected by the Scouts will be used by the Green Hill Food Pantry.  Green Hill has joined forces with the Coffee County Family Services Center to distribute the food to those in need.  Many thanks go out to all of our supporters, both those who made donations today, and those who continue to help us throughout the year.


Our October Bible Study was well attended by 10 beautiful Green Hill ladies that studied about God is the foundation, on which our faith is built.  We want to thank Chelsea for keeping the nursery again.  In Lesson Three on November 8th we will learn about our chief corner stone who is Jesus Christ.

The Music for the whole church by the Frank brothers before the General Membership Gathering was a real blessing.  The love offering for the boy’s college scholarship fund was very generous and greatly appreciated. Also thank you to all who help with providing the supplies for the Presbyterian Children’s Home.  The huge box for them was so full we had to get a big bag and that was also full.  With the help of Charlie and Steve, Betty Sweet, the visiting moderator for the women of South Alabama, gathered them up to deliver them for us.  She raved about our church and really enjoyed her day with us.  She and everyone else loved the delicious soups and salad.  It was a grand celebration.

Now we are excited about our six and possibly nine ladies going to Panama City Beach for the overnight shopping trip and time together at the Smith’s beach cottage.  Gloria still has many tickets available for the Belk’s Charity Sale on November 3rd so pick yours up soon.

Please don’t forget it’s Thank Offering time again.  Our Thank Offering continues to be a critically needed source of financial support for health and development projects overseas.  Please see Thank Offering News posted on the women’s board in the fellowship hall for a list of 2012 projects. Use your Thank Offering envelops or mark your check for PW Thank Offering. We give thanks to HIM and praise his name for he is good and his love endures forever.

Betty Jo


Thank you so much for the pictures and the [article on] your church website.  You folks went all out to make us all feel so welcome.  Your congregation is so generous, also, we were blown away by your love offering to the boy’s college fund.  Thanks again for a great memory.


Steve, Susan, Jesse & Jack

Fundraiser for Amanda

As all of you know, one of our own, Amanda is in the fight of her life against Leukemia.  Amanda has been in and out of the hospital, had countless tests, and has undergone months of chemotherapy treatments.  She is now at the point where she, her doctors, and her family are preparing for the next step in this battle:  a bone marrow transplant in Atlanta.

Unfortunately, this extended fight has drained this young family’s financial resources.  Co-pays, rising gas prices, and more, have been a necessary evil of Amanda’s life-saving treatments.  Although it has seemed at times that their resources would be stretched past the breaking point, God has always provided.

Amanda’s friends and family have rallied behind her, none more so than those here at Green Hill and those in the Enterprise Police Department.  With a transplant on the horizon, the time has come for us all to get into fund-raising mode.

Things will kick off on December 8 with a HUGE yard sale at the church.  The sale is over a month away, and already a storage unit full of items has been collected.  Many of the items are new, or nearly new, and everything will be an amazing deal.  So, come out and shop with us.  You know you want to!

There are a number of other events planned for the coming months.  These include a T-Shirt Sale, Avon Sale, Boston Butts Sale, Cancer Bear Sale, and a Chili Cook Off.  Dates, times, locations, and final details are still pending, but keep an eye out for more information.

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