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From the desk of Pastor Dan:

The Apostle Paul wrote two thousand years ago that “whatever is not of faith is sin.” Think about that; whatever we say, think, or do, if not first of all anchored by a sincere trust in Christ’s guiding word …is sin.

How should we evaluate our lives in terms of faithfulness?

The first requirement for being careful to live by faith is that we should be aware. A Christian has no excuse for ignoring the lives of those immediately around them: spouse, children, grandchildren, extended family members. We need to know what is going on in their lives spiritually, emotionally, physically, and so forth. We have been commanded to love one another. That means being aware of needs, especially spiritual needs.

To intentionally not know is to not care. This is not of faith. This is sin.

Members of our church, especially the circle of friends we are most connected with at church, they need our attention; we need theirs. We should care for one another as the Scriptures teach.

We must risk potential investment of our hearts and lives that often accompanies a new awareness of human need, whether right at our doorstep, or possibly many miles away…like an abortionist’s killing house in Philadelphia, PA.

You know, I wouldn’t have known much about an abortionist on trial for murdering babies that had survived unimaginable abortion procedures, without reading a compelling article by a liberal journalist for USA Today (Kirsten Powers). She wrote about a modern-day Hitler who apparently boasted that one of the babies he killed was so large she could have walked out of the clinic by herself.

To become aware and sit around and do/say nothing in the presence of evil is a sin. Where has the state of Pennsylvania been (no real regulation of these clinics and turning a blind eye to initial reports) but what about the Church of Jesus Christ as a whole? As late as the day of this article I have heard nothing from the leadership of the PCUSA; or from any mainline church for that matter.

We have turned a blind eye to the holocaust of innocents, to the silence of the lambs.

The media’s whistleblower came from outside the church while those who are called by the name of Christ, who have a specific command by the Lord to identify with the least of Christ’s brothers, have failed miserably to speak up. Making things worse, many in the church seem willfully ignorant or dismissive of such news reports.

We are reaping the whirlwind of a culture of death. A first step toward escaping the death-wish of our culture is to bravely face the facts of the massacre of innocent babies occurring under the direction of Planned Parenthood and similar clinics, and we must recognize what we see as the gross offense it is to the holiness of God our Creator.

May God have mercy on us all.

Pastor Dan


• Tabled action on whether to participate in the Billy Graham My Hope outreach program until more information can be gathered.
• Approved offering the congregation an opportunity to support the Wiregrass Emergency Pregnancy Service (WEPS) by supporting their Mother’s Day ad campaign. For as little as $4 members of the congregation can have their name listed in the Mother’s Day ad as being supportive of the great service that WEPS offers individuals and families in our community. More information will be given in Sunday bulletins.
• Received news that Todd Ayer, for personal reasons, needs to step down as chair of Christian Education. Todd will, however, finish out his term as elder. Todd and Juleigh are looking forward to making a home for a pre-teen boy.
• Adopted a recommendation from the Worship Committee that the “meet and greet” moment during the opening of worship be eliminated.
• Approved personal leave time for the Pastor, 3-13 June.
• Approved the use of sanctuary and facilities for graduation and practice dates of the Kindergarten and High School of Enterprise Preparatory Academy; Anita McMillan is the sponsoring church member.


The prayers and sympathy of the congregation are extended to Greg Kroodsma in the death of his father, Gordon Kroodsma. Major Kroodsma, USMC (Retired), passed away in Pensacola, FL, on March 26. He was 91 years old.


On Wednesday, May 3, following the Fellowship Supper, we will be joined by Conrad Stemple, director of the Wounded Veterans Project, and Maggie Amadei, operations senior manager Flight School XXI Simulation Services at CSC. They will be here to tell us all about the exciting things that are happening with this year’s Boll Weevil 100 event and with the Wounded Warriors Project.

On Saturday, May 11, Enterprise is going to host the 11th annual Boll Weevil 100. There will be bike rides ranging from 7 miles to 100 miles, and runs ranging from 3K to 10K. Proceeds from this event will be used to support the Wounded Veterans Project. Those interested in participating in or supporting the event should contact the Enterprise Lions Club.


Our Women’s CT will meet on May 3rd and Bible Study Circle will meet on May 9th at 10:00 a.m. to study lesson 9 – Viewing Our Present Reality Through God’s Future from the General Epistles. This will finish this set of lessons as we are reassured that Jesus Christ will return in glory to establish his kingdom and judge all human kind.

Be sure you have marked May 5th for the Birthday Picnic that will follow the worship service. The church will provide the ham and a birthday cake so you may bring either a veggie or salad. Envelopes will be available for those who wish to make donations to the Birthday Offering for the 2013 RECIPIENT-Westminster Neighborhood Ministries. It’s a Child, Family and Adult Education Connection of Indianapolis, Indiana. See next page for more info.

Don’t forget to pick up a Mother’s Day card to send to a special woman (or women) you would like to honor while you are helping to protect and restore the health of women and children in Africa on May 12th.

The deadline for early registration for the AL/MS Conference on July 17 -19 is May 30th. It will be held at First-Trinity PC in Laurel, MS.

May we continue to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Betty Bierbaum, Moderator


Westminster Neighborhood Ministries serves the basic needs of families who live in Near Eastside Indianapolis, where close to 34 percent of neighborhood families have incomes below the poverty level. Over the past 30 years, Westminster’s services have expanded rapidly; services must continue to expand to effectively meet the needs of additional clients.

From early childhood programs to youth programs and adult services, Westminster Neighborhood Ministries provides vital resources for area families. Westminster will use the Birthday Offering grant to expand its educational services, extending service to preschool-age children, expanding its basic adult education program, and providing financial counseling to families so that they can more effectively improve and sustain their standard of living.

Expanded adult services will include job skills training and résumé building, developing adult literacy and basic math skills, financial counseling and budget building, cooking and fitness training, post-secondary education preparation, and anger management classes. All these resources are offered to help create stable families in which parents cope with everyday stresses, participate in their children’s education and become better role models for the children in their care.

When families are supported, they are better able to turn outward and transform the community in which they live. Your gifts, in the form of a Birthday Offering grant, will enable the families served by Westminster Neighborhood Ministries to broaden their horizons, understand their options, make better choices, improve the quality of their family life and transform their community.


Please join us on Sunday, May 26, following the morning Worship Service for a Graduation Reception for William Seery. William is graduating from the Alabama School of Math and Science in Mobile, Alabama. We are thrilled to report that he has been accepted to Emory University! Congratulations to William and to Ron and April, his proud parents.


On Wednesday, May 29, our regular Fellowship Supper will be replaced with a cookout! There will be hamburgers, chips, slaw, potato salad, and beans. There will also be a Make Your Own Sundae bar! Please bring your favorite Sundae topping to eat and to share. Also, bring your friends! This will be the perfect night to introduce them to Green Hill and to let them know what we are all about!


Thank you to everyone who donated to the Thank You, Mom, For Life advertisement that was purchased by the Wiregrass Emergency Pregnancy Service. Your donation will support the WEPS as they continue their pro-life work of saving babies while caring for young women who are facing unplanned pregnancies. Be sure to keep an eye out for the ad in the Mother’s Day editions of the Southeast Sun and the Daleville Sun Courier.

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