Prayer Letter from the Legters Family, August 2013


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June 7, 2013

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Dear Friends & Prayer Partners:

It says in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare (peace) and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

As you can imagine, these two months have not been easy; however, my world is no longer upside down but it is different. The presence and help of the Lord have been very near. I am overwhelmed by all the cards, letters and memorial gifts received. All hospital, medical and funeral expenses have been covered with all the love offerings. Thank you so much. I intend to acknowledge personally what I can, but I don’t know when that will be.

Some have written asking what I am doing now. Basically, I am doing the same as I did before. Although at first it was difficult to return to the congregations we ministered in together, I found that it helped me because these people are my spiritual family here. I get a driver and a lay preacher and take my keyboard along. Most of these places have no installed pastor and no one to play, only guitar. The Followers of Christ congregation in Merida where I had played Sunday evenings for nearly 7 years said, “Now we feel like singing again.” The congregation of Fountain of Life in Chemax, 2¾ hours away, is waiting to have a communion service. They have not had one since February when Dave was there for baptisms and communion. I continue to sell Bibles, hymnbooks and other Christian literature at all the congregations I visit, because most towns are far from Christian bookstores.

Mark and I returned to Tabi, 3½ hours away in the jungle, where Dave’s dad finished the Maya translation of the New Testament. It was the 59th anniversary of the organizing of the church. Brainerd had been instrumental in the little congregation 60-65 years ago, so I told Mark he was going to represent his father and his grandfather. I was invited to play and accompany a choir with some songs I hardly knew. More difficult now with the problems I have with reading music, but it all turned out well.

In Yalcoba, 2½ hours away, Rodolfo, for whom we have been praying, continues to struggle with the temptation of alcohol. He was to have made his public profession of faith and be baptized along with his mother and nephew on May 25th. He had always wanted Dave to perform the ceremony and was saddened this could not be. During my last visit to this congregation in May, I challenged Rodolfo to follow Dave’s example and honor Christ with his life. It says in Phil. 1:20 “That Christ may be honored in my body whether by life or by death.” I believe through Dave’s death, Christ will still be honored and glorified in Rodolfo’s life.

I continue playing at the Divine Savior church on Sunday mornings. I accompany the choir and soloists. I have been busy with recitals, classes and final exams at the Seminary. The graduation was held on June 6. This year 48 graduated in youth ministries, biblical counseling, and theology. 7 graduated from the school of music, including Dan Isaac, whom some of you have helped with tuition payments these four years.

Today I leave for 5 weeks in the U.S.  June 7-17 I will be in Southern states, June 18-21 in the Philadelphia area, June 22-30 in Detroit, July 1-6 in Grand Rapids with my daughter-in-law Debbie and my grandchildren, and we will all return with Daniel to St. Louis July 7-10. I return to Merida on July 11, in time for camp Porvenir. The cost this year is $50 per week, should any of you care to give a full or half scholarship.

Debbie and Rolando are working on the construction of their apartment at my house. It has been such a blessing to have them living with me and traveling to the various congregations. Debbie will be leaving her present job and joining a home-school group for English speaking kids who are not in the Mexican educational system. She will probably do some private tutoring in the afternoons as well.

There have been many changes in life, but we know the Lord has plans for us, and the spreading of the good news in Christ Jesus has not come to an end. I would still not change my life for anything else. I love what I do and thank Him for having called us (and me) to a life of service for Him. As I reflect on our 50 years together, I am reminded of many of Dave’s qualities which were instrumental to the work here: his intellect, his humility, his integrity, his love for all, and his joy. As his favorite hymn says “I am happy in the service of the King… where there is peace and joy and blessing.” This was always evident in Dave’s life. Thanks for standing with us these 46 years of ministry in Mexico.

Your servant for Jesus’ sake,

Jean Legters (for the family)

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