Weekly Announcements, 9/19

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This month’s Vespers Service is going to be held Sunday, in the Sanctuary, at 6:30pm. This brief evening worship service is a time for our congregation to come together for repentance and for confession of sin. It is also a time to pray for justice and Salvation for God’s children. Please join us for this solemn service.


Do you have a love of God that you’d like to share with children? Can you push play on a DVD player? Can you ask questions and pass out candy? Then we need you! Green Hill is looking for volunteers to teach the Youth Bible Study on Wednesday nights. Please contact Sandi in the church office if you are interested in taking a day or two. We need someone to sign up for Wednesday, the 25th.


A congregational meeting has been scheduled for next Sunday, the 29th, immediately following the morning worship service. The purpose of this meeting is to elect three members of the congregation to the next nominating committee for the Session. This committee will be responsible for coming up with names of potential new Session members for the congregation to vote on at a later date.


A county preacher in Georgia came to the pulpit Sunday morning and declared: “My job is to preach and your job is to listen. If you get finished before I do, please raise your hand.”    (from The Joyful Noiseletter)

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