Green Hill Presbyterian Church

Weekly Announcements, 10/23


The Missions Committee will this Sunday, October 26, at 2:00 P.M. here at the church to establish the missions budget recommendations for 2015. All members of the church interested in serving on this committee are welcome to attend.


This Wednesday, October 29, the Elders of Green Hill will host another Town Hall meeting, immediately following the potluck supper. The purpose of this meeting is for the Elders to educate the members about issues within the PCUSA and for the Elders to take questions and get input from the members. Some important decisions must be made by the Session before a new pastor can be hired. These town hall meetings are an important step in that process. We hope everyone will be able to attend.


“The sermon is done?” asked the latecomer of the pastor at the church door.
“The sermon has been preached,” said the minister. “It remains to be done.”
After the pastor has preached, the work of the church begins. Our minds have been instructed, our souls have been nurtured, and our emotions have been stirred.
When we pass beyond the four walls of the church building, we face a different environment: we breathe a different air. We can then no longer be passive. We are called to act. And we should act in accordance with our knowledge of God’s will.