Prayer Letter from the Legters Family, November 2014


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November 10th, 2014
Yesterday’s high: 82˚
Last night’s low: 64˚

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

“Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks to the Holy One,
Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son.
And now, let the poor say ‘I am rich,’ let the weak say ‘I am strong,’
Because of what the Lord has done for us. Give thanks.”

The words to this praise song sum up the reason for this special season of the year- Thanksgiving and Christmas. We thank God for His blessings, and most of all for His Son. Here in Yucatan the reasons to thank Him are many:

 The great rejoicing there will be here and in heaven next month when Rodolfo, for whom we have been praying for nearly 3 years, makes his public profession of faith and is baptized. He and his wife, Elodia, need much prayer because the pull of alcoholism is so strong. His congregation in the town of Yalcobá is growing with new people every time I visit.

 The mission church in Chemax rejoices as well this year because of the new roof on their sanctuary, which was made possible by the gift of one of our prayer partners. It still lacks doors, windows, and electricity, but they have begun using it on Sunday mornings for Sunday school and their morning service.

 The congregation in Tekom is now considering joining the Sac-Be Presbytery, which was one of Dave’s goals when he and I started to visit them each month. They are another small, but growing mission church.

 The Followers of Christ mission church in one of the poorer neighborhoods of Merida, and Dave’s last pastorate, celebrated its 31st anniversary on October 26th. Cause for rejoicing here is Martín. Dave often shared with him and took him along on trips to other churches so as to have more time to talk. He has also struggled with alcoholism and at one point even left his wife and family, but he recently has returned, is attending church regularly and asked me to get him a Bible.

 My 400-member church in downtown Merida just celebrated its 128th anniversary a couple weeks ago. The new pastor, a San Pablo Seminary graduate, is doing an excellent job. The minister of music and his wife are both former students as well.

 The San Pablo Seminary also celebrated an anniversary in September; it’s 32nd. Since its beginning in 1982, over 800 students have graduated in Theology, Music, Youth Ministry, and Biblical Counseling programs and most of those graduates are actively serving the Lord. I give thanks for the vision and leadership God gave Dave to strengthen the national church by providing well-trained leaders.

As you have noticed, life in Yucatan involves lots of travel to villages and other locations. Many of the churches I visit each weekend are 2 to 3 hours away. In the past 3 years we have added almost 100,000 miles (150,000 km) to our vehicle and I will soon be in need of another vehicle with lower miles. This will probably cost around $8,000 to $10,000. Please pray for the Lord’s provision in order to safely and reliably continue the work we are doing in those places. Please also pray for ministers to care for the congregations. I often take laymen with me to preach because the churches do not have an ordained minister yet.

In other news, here at home we are all anticipating the birth of Debbie and Rolando’s first baby in January. She is doing well, continuing her regular teaching schedule in the mornings and afternoons. Rolando was able to find a new job in May, which is another cause for thanksgiving. They are still able to help with the care of his mother who suffers from diabetes and dementia.

Mark’s church is growing as well. Altia, his wife, fell in July and broke a bone in her kneecap. She walks with crutches now and needs 6 more months of therapy. Their daughter Ellie is in 12th grade and praying about the college she should attend. Their son John is in 8th grade this year. They are both Debbie’s students at Merida Christian School, the homeschool group housed in our home.

Daniel’s family continues to excel in sports and academics in St. Louis. All 3 of his children participate in various sports and their weekends are full with tournaments and games. Owen and Caleb attend the Christian elementary school where Daniel’s wife, Debbie, teaches. Alyssa is now a 7th grader and attends the middle school/high school where Daniel teaches and coaches.

We all had birthdays in October and November. My body feels its 74 years but not my spirit! I find I tire easily with each days’ activities: church and choir activities, visiting village congregations on weekends, teaching at the music school, meal planning and preparation, grocery shopping, swimming, and trying to read. My vision and spinal column aren’t strong, but they aren’t totally incapacitating yet. I thank the Lord daily, with a joyful heart, for what He enables me to do.

We will have several visitors during the month of December, and Dr. Will Ackles and his wife, Nancy, will be returning in February for a couple of months. It is always a joy to have friends come and visit us and participate first-hand in the work the Lord is doing here in Yucatan.

We do not know what the future will bring, but we know in whose hands it is, so we need not fear. We pray blessings for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year upon each of you.

Your servant for Jesus’ sake,

Jean Legters (for the family)

P.S. Gifts to the seminary, camp, or our ministry may be made out and sent to: The Magi, P.O. Box 43, Byron Center, MI 49315.
Please note on the memo section the designation of your gift.

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