Youth Bible Study, 2015-16


All children in 3rd grade through 8th grade are invited to participate in Green Hill’s After-School Bible Study.

This year we are offering two different lessons: Jesus in the Spotlight will meet on Mondays. How to Study the Bible Yourself will meet on Tuesdays. See below for descriptions of each.

Lessons will run from after-school to 5pm. Transportation from school to Green Hill may be provided upon request.

To register, please click HERE, or contact the church office at 334-347-9530.

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Jesus in the Spotlight, John 1-10 * MONDAYS, Starting August 17, 2015

Lights…Camera…Action! In this Bible Study, you’ll pretend to be a film director who makes a movie about Jesus’ life. Your movie will be about the first ten chapters of John’s book, and it will be full of awesome adventures. As you read through the script, you’ll learn all about who Jesus’ friends were, why He came, what He did, where He went, and how you can really get to know Him. Are you ready? Let’s get the film rolling…Jesus in the Spotlight–take one!

How To Study Your Bible, For Kids * TUESDAYS, Starting August 18, 2015

Pssst! Wanna Solve A Mystery?! Climb up to the tree house of the M and M Detective Agency and let Max, Molly, and Sam the Beagle put you through a special six-week “inductive detective” training course. The agency has a big mystery to solve—the mystery of discovering for yourself what God’s Word says. Wow! Sounds like an adventure!

As part of the team, you’ll sharpen your skills so that you can know what the Bible says, understand what it means, and apply it to your life all on your own. Isn’t that awesome? So put on your detective hat, grab your magnifying glass, and get set to decode secret messages, solve puzzles to get clues, follow a suspect’s trail, and even talk to eyewitnesses!

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