Weekly Announcements, 7/9

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The Session is continuing to work on the issue of whether or not Green Hill will stay a part of the PCUSA or will be dismissed to another denomination.

The church has two very important Town Hall Meetings scheduled, so mark your calendars now.  On July 15 and on August 19, at 6:15pm, the Resolution Team from Presbytery will be at Green Hill to meet directly with the congregation. This will be an opportunity for the congregation to ask questions and to voice their concerns.  A potluck supper will be held prior to the meetings, at 5:30pm.

If/when there is a congregational meeting to vote on whether or not to stay in PCUSA or move to another denomination, that information will be posted as soon as it is known. At that meeting it will be very important that we get as close to 100% participation as possible.

The ultimate goal in all of this is for Green Hill to remain whole and active as a reformed worshiping community. Please continue to support Green Hill with your prayers as we go through this resolution process.

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