Important Meetings Scheduled in August


  • August 5 – Town Hall meeting with ECO (Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians)
  • August 12 – Town Hall meeting with EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church)
  • August 19 – Town Hall meeting with Resolution Team from PCUSA

All three Town Hall meetings will begin at 6:15pm.  Pot luck suppers will be held at 5:30pm.

Green Hill Presbyterian Church

Many of you have been asking what is going on with Green Hill and its relationship with the PCUSA. Specifically, you want to know if we are staying or if we are going. The short answer is that we don’t yet know. It is the hope of the Session that question will be answered in the coming months.

At the moment, Green Hill is a member of The Fellowship Community, a conservative group of like-minded churches within the PCUSA. These are churches who are not pleased with the recent changes made by the PCUSA but who have not felt called to leave the denomination.

Here at Green Hill, we have members who are in favor of continuing to stay, members who are in favor of leaving, and those who simply are not sure. The Session has been doing its best, through town halls, straw polls, and such, to educate the Congregation, to hear the members’ concerns, and to listen for the voice of God to guide us in what to do.

A Resolution Team (RT), made up of Elders and Deacons from nearby PCUSA churches, has met with the Session and with the Congregation to discuss our issues with the PCUSA. It is the job of the RT to guide us through the resolution process. The ultimate goal is to help Green Hill to remain whole and active as a reformed worshiping community.

The Session has been researching denominations that Green Hill may be dismissed to should we decide to leave the PCUSA. The most promising options are the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO)and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC).  Town Hall meetings have been set up in August for the Congregation to meet directly with representatives from both.

After the Session has fully studied the matter, and the Resolution Team has concluded all meetings with the Session and Congregation, and we have had the opportunity to interact with representatives from other denominations, a vote may be considered as to whether to stay in PCUSA or to move to another denomination. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. The Session will continue to keep you informed and provide opportunities to participate in question and answer sessions.

It is the hope and prayer of the Session that, no matter the outcome of a vote, Green Hill continues to hold together as a family. There is no church in all of Enterprise that is as friendly as ours, and no matter what denomination we are a part of, we hope that will never change. Above all, we need to remember this is God’s church and we need to seek and submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in these deliberations.

Please continue to support Green Hill with your prayers.

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