Green Hill Presbyterian Church

Green Hill Good News, November 2015

(online edition) 

No matter how difficult it is for some of us to understand, God has a plan. And we as God’s people are not the first to be confused and question God. Just ask Peter who cried Jesus as Lord and then immediately said YOUR PLAN isn’t what we want. What did Jesus do? Run him off? Tell him he was no longer a disciple? NO he simply told Peter to get behind Him. That is to follow Him, not the world, not Satan, not anyone but Him, even as it takes him to the cross with Jesus.

The vote on Sunday, October 25 for all was a difficult vote, and it knocked some to their knees. My question to each of you is, “What changed?” Has the church suddenly become a liberal bed of socialism? Has the church suddenly opened its doors to ordination or the marriage of anyone who so desires? Have the standards and confessions that we up hold been changed?

Today Green Hill is just the same as it was last week. Just as our God is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. The church of Jesus Christ has been in conflict and division for centuries. And ALL THE TIME is has been because of people and what they want or believe, not because of God…

Each of you is needed to help the church, this particular church, to grow in the mission that God has called it to go. If you are thinking about leaving, rethink this decision and ask yourself, “why?”  Is it based on what has happened, or on what may happen?

For me, I believe that Green Hill is God’s called community in the midst of Enterprise to proclaim the gospel. What sets it apart from other denominations is one, our focus on GRACE and the Fathers healing and redemptive work in Jesus, the impossible, and two, its love for each other.

Please don’t abandon the family that loves so deeply it even embraces a sinner like me.



The monthly stated meeting of the Session of Green Hill Presbyterian Church was held at the church at 1:30 PM on 11 October 2015. In addition, a called session meeting was held 25 October 2015 at 10:30 AM.

Treasurer’s Report:  Third quarter offerings were down slightly; however, the operating fund reserve has not yet been touched. We are projected to get through the fourth quarter of 2015 without problems.

Rev. White will be having surgery on his foot in Prattville, 13 November. Elder Lawrence will serve as pulpit supply on 15 November, while Rev. White recovers.

Rev. White was approved for leave 27 through 31 December 2015.

The Administration and Stewardship committee reported that the pledge letter will be distributed 1 November 2015; “Minute for Stewardship” presentations will be presented during worship service on 8 and 15 November, and pledges will be received formally during the 22 November 2015 worship service.

The Building and Grounds committee reported that:

  1. Church Work Day is scheduled for 14 November, rain date 21 November.
  2. Church locks will be changed and new keys distributed.
  3. New fire extinguisher has been installed in the hallway near the children’s classrooms.
  4. Church steeple cleaning and painting is moving forward.

The Congregational Care committee reported the following upcoming events:

  • Pizza and Bingo, 28 October 2015. There will be no charge.
  • Thanksgiving Meal, 22 November 2015, 4:00 PM. Details to follow.

The Missions committee reported supporting the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Event, 14 October 2015.

The Outreach committee reported that Sunday Morning Café volunteers are needed for the month of November.

 Scouting report:

  1. Pack 150 – Many events scheduled. Popcorn sales are beginning. Last year the pack was able to raise sufficient funding for their programs through this project.
  2. Troop 150 – At recent Court of Honor, Scout Dale Chambers (son of Gunnar and Leslie Chambers, church members), was recognized for having completed all requirements for Eagle Scout award while a member of Troop 150, prior to his family’s move to Wisconsin.

The Annual Congregational Meeting will be called on 22 November immediately after the morning worship service for the purpose of electing new elders and trustees and conducting the Annual Business Meeting.

Membership Roll changes:  Former member Barbara Villarreal united with Cool Springs Baptist Church. Scott and Suk Corzine were moved to “Friends of the Church” status by request.

Approval was given for the church office to apply for a church credit card.

Date of next Session meeting: 8 November 2015 at 1:30 P.M.

November Devotional and Elder of the Month: Elder Charles Webb

Respectfully submitted

by Walter J. Lawrence, M. D.,

Clerk of Session, GHPC

Minutes of the Called Special Congregational Meeting

Green Hill Presbyterian Church

25 October 2015

12:00 P.M. Sanctuary



Prior to the start of the meeting, a by-name registration was accomplished by signing in on a current roster. Ballots were distributed to members upon registration.

Opening Prayer:  

At 12:08, Moderator David Jamison asked interim Pastor Reverend Shuford White to lead the Congregation in prayer to open the meeting.

Declaration of Quorum: 

Clerk of Session Lawrence noted that 54 of 75 active members were present. For this meeting, 50% of the membership (36 members) needed to be present to constitute a quorum. As 72% of the membership was present, a quorum was declared.                                                                                                                                                               

Moderator’s Guidance: 

Reverend Jamison led the Congregation in a responsive recitation and homily focusing on the words of the hymn, “The Church’s One Foundation.” He then explained the voting process.                                                                 

Elder Guidance to Congregation: 

  • Elder Cully spoke in favor of gracious dismissal to the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO).
  • Elder Fougeron charged everyone to remain faithful to their calling in Christ.
  • Elder Aylesworth encouraged everyone to vote as God spoke through their heart.
  • Elder Seery summarized strengths and weaknesses of each of the 3 denominations as they might impact upon Green Hill Church, and encouraged everyone to vote as they felt so led.
  • Elder Webb reaffirmed the sentiments expressed by Elder Fougeron.
  • Elder Lawrence offered thanks to God and the congregation for his time on the Session. He then spoke in favor of remaining in PC (USA).

Preliminary Vote: 

The preliminary vote on the Statement of Guidance regarding the preference of denomination, if Green Hill Church voted to be dismissed from the PC (USA) was taken.

Voting was conducted by secret ballot. The ballots were collected by Elders DeTora and Lawrence, then tabulated under the supervision of Rev. Jamison by Jim Kline, Susan White, with confirmatory counts by Elders DeTora and Lawrence. Confirmatory counts were the same as initial counts. Rev. White recorded the results. 32 votes recommended ECO, 22 votes recommended EPC. The results of the vote indicating a preference for ECO were then announced to the Congregation by Rev. Jamison.

Formal Vote: 

The formal vote on the following motion was then taken: Shall the members of Green Hill Presbyterian Church be dismissed from the PC (USA) to another Reformed denomination?

Voting was conducted by secret ballot. The ballots were collected by Elders DeTora and Lawrence, then tabulated under the supervision of Rev. Jamison by Jim Kline, Susan White, with confirmatory counts by Elders DeTora and Lawrence. Confirmatory counts were the same as initial counts. Rev. White recorded the results. 32 voted “Yes” in favor of dismissal, 22 voted “No” against dismissal. The motion required a 2/3 majority, or 36 votes, to carry. Only achieving 32 votes (59.3%), the motion for dismissal failed to be approved.  The results of the vote were then announced to the Congregation by Rev. Jamison.


Green Hill Presbyterian Church will remain in the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination.


Rev. Jamison invited the Congregation to join together in signing Hymn # 393, Blest Be the Tie That Binds.

Closing Prayer and Adjournment: 

The announced business of the meeting being concluded, Reverend David Jamison closed the meeting with prayer at 12:54 PM.


Respectfully submitted

by Walter J. Lawrence, M. D.,

Clerk of Session, GHPC


The Green Hill Food Closet is in need of the following items:  jam/jelly, hot dog chili, canned fruit, apple sauce, Hamburger Helper, rice, saltine crackers, macaroni ‘n cheese, mustard, catsup, pork ‘n beans, spaghetti (small), spaghetti sauce, canned chicken, cornbread mix, chicken noodle soup, chicken ‘n rice soup, chicken ‘n stars soup, vegetable soup.  Thank you for your continued support of this mission of our church.


The Boy Scouts from Troop #150 in Enterprise will host a Food Drive on Saturday, October 31.  The Drive will be held in front of Walmart and will run from 10:00am to 5:00pm.  All contributions will be used by the Green Hill Food Pantry to take care of those in Enterprise who are in need.


The next Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 18. Many of us are caring for individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias. Our meetings consist of education, guest speakers, sharing, and prayer. Let’s share caregiving approaches we’ve tried and discuss what works, what doesn’t, and how you can care for yourself during this challenge time. We want all caregivers to understand the disease and to know that they are not alone.


On Sundays we need a team of two people to serve as ushers for the morning worship service. Ushers are needed to greet people, to pass out bulletins, to collect prayer requests, and to collect the offering. For our visitors, our ushers are the first people they meet, and we need to make them feel welcome.


Green Hill Cafe is held every Sunday morning from 10:30am to 11:00am.  Coffee, doughnuts, and other assorted breakfast foods are served in the Fellowship Hall in between Sunday

School and the Worship Service.  Green Hill Cafe is a time for Christian Fellowship with our Green Hill Family, and it is a time to welcome, and get to know, our visitors.

Are you looking for an opportunity to serve?  We need Café Hosts!  We need people to set up the food prior to Café and to clean up afterwards.  Beverages are supplied by the church, and food expenses are reimbursed by the church.  If you are interested, please contact either Ron Seery or the church office.  The sign-up sheet is in the kitchen.


The next Enterprise Homeschool “Country Club” meeting will be held on Friday, November 20.  The featured country is Papua New Guinea.  Assignments will be handed out on the Enterprise Homeschool FaceBook page, so check there for more information.  Bring your lunch to eat before we start the presentations.  We are looking forward to another great meeting.

Sneak Peek:  The DeTora girls are going to teach everyone how to sing a song in Pidgin English.  You don’t want to miss out!


The Green Hill annual Thanksgiving Dinner will be held on Sunday, November 22, at 4pm.  Reservation slips will be available in the pew racks as we get closer to the date. If you plan to attend, please fill one out so the kitchen crew knows how much food to prepare.


Information for the November Green Hill Good Newsletter needs to be submitted to the church office by Tuesday, November 17. We need to get the news in before everyone disappears for the Thanksgiving holiday!  You can contact the office by email or by phone, or you can drop your news off in the basket on the door. Many thanks to those who contribute!


The church’s annual Stewardship Sunday is fast approaching. At this time, we ask each member, each family, and all our regular worshippers, to prayerfully examine their resources and to pledge a portion to God’s work. Soon everyone will receive a pledge card in the mail. On Stewardship Sunday, November 22, a special collection of the pledge cards will be held during the morning service. The cards may also be returned by mail to the church office. These pledges help the church plan our budget for the coming year.


Don’t forget to change your clocks before you go to bed on October 31. On Sunday morning, November 1, Daylight Savings Time ends, and we all get back that extra hour we gave up in the spring. We look forward to seeing you at church on Sunday morning, at the correct time.


It’s that time of year again: time to clean up the church grounds and the church interior for fall.  Please join us on Saturday, November 14, at 8am. Coffee will be hot and ready. We’ll try to get everything done by Noon.  Men, women, children, everyone is welcome.  Just show up and we will find a project for you to do.  We appreciate all our congregation does to keep our church beautiful!


All of the exterior doors to the church are going to be re-keyed in mid-November.  After that point, the old keys will no longer work.  If you need a new key, please contact the church office to be put on the distribution list.  We would like to get an accurate count of how many are needed.  These are specially marked keys that can only be copied with authorization from the church office.


In addition to being a PCUSA church, Green Hill is also a member of The Fellowship Community, a group of conservative churches within the PCUSA.  We have been a member of the Community since April 2012, and we proudly display the logo on our website and on our digital sign.  Yes, we are a PCUSA church, but we want everyone to know that we are so much more.

The beginnings of The Fellowship Community (TFC) date back to 1989, when a group called Presbyterians for Renewal (PFR) was formed.  There have been several mergers and name changes along the way, but the objective of the organization has stayed the same: to glorify God.

Statement from The Fellowship Community:

Human beings need an authentic community where we truly belong: where we can celebrate and where we can cry; where we can be challenged to be our very best and where we can be forgiven when we have been our very worst.

We need a community where we can be welcomed and accepted, no matter who we are, where we’ve been, or what we’ve done, where we can grow in our relationship with God and our relationship with one another.

We need a community where humility is genuine, radical life change is expected, spiritual growth and transformation is celebrated, and prayer and worship are central.

We need to be part of a community that is not about us except to help us be our best as we love, serve, and influence the world around us.

The Body of Christ, the Church, is intended to be this community.  But, for many of us, the contemporary “church” that we experience is tired, stressed, embattled, and afraid; a place of confusion, conflict, and fragmentation; a poor imitation of the broken world around it.

The Fellowship Community is a network of churches and leaders called together to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ by growing in Christ’s likeness, living by God’s word, and joining in God’s mission in the world.

To learn more about The Fellowship Community, and to read the Essential Tenets, please visit the website,


The PW Coordinating Team met October 15, so we are off and running (or walking) for the New Year.  Missing projects from last year were discussed; some new ones were added and a few deleted.  If any Green Hill lady has a suggestion in this area, please let us know.  The biggest net gain financially for mission projects is from the Belk’s Charity Day Sale tickets.  The next sale will be held November 7 – don’t forget.  Bible Study this year also began on October 15, and seven ladies were present.  “Handle with Prayer” is something we all should do every day.  Please join us for the next meeting planned for November 12 and we’ll talk to God together.


Tickets are now available for the next Belk Charity Day Sale!  The sale will be held at the Dothan location on November 7, from 6am to 10am.  To attend, you must purchase a $5 ticket from one of the members of the Presbyterian Women at Green Hill.  This very special ticket will not only get you admission to the sale, but it also acts as a coupon to get you $5 off of your first purchase.  That’s in addition to getting the already marked discounts of 20% to 70% off!  And, that little ticket just keeps on working because the money for all of the tickets sold at Green Hill goes to the Green Hill PW.  The Belk Charity Day Sale is a major contributor to the mission budget of the Presbyterian Women ministry.