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As you all have noticed, there’s a lot of work going on at the back of the church. On the morning of December 29, the office staff came into the building and discovered standing water in the rear of the church. Both nursery rooms, Scott’s Classroom, the hallways alongside the nursery and classroom, and both bathrooms on that side of the building, had flooded overnight.

We have since discovered that the water came into the building through a backed-up sewer drain that overflowed in the bathrooms. The repair company ran a camera down the pipe and found a bad joint that they believe was the source of the blockage. The affected pipes have been replaced and an overflow valve has been installed as a preventative measure.

Repairs are well underway. The insurance company has already paid the cleanup company. Our contractor has been approved. The furniture that was sitting in the sewer water has been professionally cleaned. The insulation and sheetrock are being installed. The flooring estimate has been approved and the materials are on order. We hope everything will be put back together in just a couple of weeks.


A congregational meeting has been called for Sunday, January 17, immediately following the morning worship service. The purpose of this meeting is to elect one more elder to the Session. The nominating committee will present their recommendation and then a vote will be held. All members are asked to attend.

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