Weekly Announcements, 1/21

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This Sunday, three new Elders will be added to the Green Hill Session.  Diana Lawrence will be ordained as a first time Elder, and then she, Betty Jo Bierbaum, and Jim McDonough will be installed.  When you see them, please congratulate all three of them and thank them for their service to Green Hill.


Rev. White is officially retiring! January 31 will be his last day, and we are going to celebrate with lunch at the church. We hope everyone will be able to attend.  Also, we need people to help set up, serve, clean up, and, of course, to cook. There are sign-up sheets in the board in the kitchen. Please take a look and pick something to do. Thank you!


It’s that time of year again, time to update the church directory, and the church office needs your help! If any of your contact information has changed over the past year, please let us know. You can get the info to us by email, by phone, by dropping a note in the basket, or by stopping by and telling us in person. Just make sure you get it to us no later than Sunday, February 7th.

If you would like to have a new picture taken, please let Sandi know.  She always has her camera ready.  No guarantee on how the pictures will come out, but we’ll give it a shot!

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