The Green Hill, by Ken Reed

Green Hill Presbyterian Church

The Green Hill by Ken Reed

On a green hill far away,
One cold and dreary morn,
Our Savior paid the price for us,
And a brand new Faith was born.

On that hill so long ago,
Three lonely crosses stood.
Two probably should have been there,
But the third, it never should.

But by the grace of God,
And His eternal love,
Our Savior’s Spirit left that cross,
And went to Him above.

Our Savior said before he left,
And I know ‘tis surely true,
The Spirit will be sent again,
And will always be with you.

A single cross stands alone,
High up on a steeple,
The Holy Spirit dwells within,
The hearts of all its people.

There’s still a green hill far away,
But there’s also one that’s near.
It may not be as famous,
But we hold it just as dear.

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