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Green Hill Good News Online Edition for June/July 2017

Are you ready for this year’s Vacation Bible School?!

Meadow (Laurie named her)

Meadow came into our lives in 2005. We got her from a breeder with questionable business ethics in Cairo, New York. Annie, Meadow’s older sister came from the same breeder, and between the time that we got Annie and the time that we got Meadow, I had forgotten that Betty the Breeder only dealt in cash. Betty the Breeder explained this, saying that although she lived in Cairo, her bank was in Washington, DC. (I recall wondering if Betty knew that the IRS was in Washington, DC as well).

Laurie says that I chose Meadow. I think it was Laurie who picked her. More likely, Meadow picked us. Regardless, she was not the pick of the litter. For a Golden Retriever, she was a little funny looking, and her ears were too small. We drove the 150 miles from Cairo, New York to Stamford, CT, and Meadow became an important part of our family. At the time, our family still had one human son at home and two other Goldens; Annie, Meadow’s sister, and Maeve (May-ve) their cousin.

Meadow was always her own dog. She didn’t come when you called her. She didn’t behave in any way like a Golden Retriever. But we loved her very much, and we knew that she needed us.

She was dog number three. Annie was in the middle, but Annie was in charge of the dogs, and all three were in charge of the rest of the family. Meadow never had a toy for more than a few seconds if Annie was around. Annie was a sweet, wonderful Golden; obedient, loyal and loving. But only towards us. Never towards her sister. She was never aggressive towards Meadow, but like I said, Meadow never had a toy for more than a few seconds as long as Annie was around.

Maeve died at the age of twelve in Valentine, NE. Annie died at the age of twelve in Huntsville, TX. Earlier this month Meadow died, (at the age of twelve) in Enterprise. After Annie’s death, Meadow really blossomed. Suddenly, she was an only dog, and all of the toys were hers and hers alone. And Mom and Dad NEVER paid any attention to any other dog but her. Meadow liked to greet kids at the door on Halloween while wearing her witch hat. After Annie died, suddenly Meadow would come when you called her, but only if you were holding a piece of sandwich meat. She loved to lick the inside of coffee cups in the morning as soon as they were empty. She loved toodle-oo’s. (The inside of a roll of toilet paper. The kind of thing that makes a horn that plays only two notes – toodle – oo!) And she loved us, in a un-conventional way for a Golden. But she loved us, and we loved her.

The former baseball commissioner Bart Giamatti once wrote that the end of baseball season breaks your heart every year. Being a fan of the sacred game myself, I would agree. But having seen four Goldens go to heaven in my lifetime I can say this: Nothing breaks your heart like the loss of a dog.

I’m sure that when Meadow got to heaven, (that’s a big reason it’s heaven – dogs) I’m sure that as soon as Meadow got there, she picked up a ball, and Annie took it away from her.

We have a sign on our refrigerator that says an awful lot about how we feel about dogs. It reads:




WinShape is looking for volunteers to help make this year’s camp happen. Even if you aren’t feeling adventurous, you can still help. People are needed to do everything from washing clothes and making lunches to taking registrations and passing out snacks. If you are interested in volunteering at Winshape, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Sonja Helms, 334-406-2649. Or, for more information, contact Sandra DeTora at 334-347-9530.


The deadline for submissions to the August Green Hill Good News is Monday, July 24. You can contact the office by email or by phone, or you can drop your news off in the basket on the door. Each month the church office does its best to get the newsletter printed and distributed by the last Sunday of the month. Early submissions are appreciated.


Please don’t throw away your empty gallon milk jugs! The Vacation Bible School children will use them this year as part of building the Full Armor of God. Your milk jugs will be turned into Helmets of Salvation. Milk jugs can be given to April Seery or dropped off at the church office. Thank you.


The 2017 church directory has been printed and is ready to be picked up on the table in the narthex. However, as is usual for a project like this, the church office became aware of a few errors after the directory had been printed. Murphy’s Law is alive and well!  Please see your church bulletin for directory corrections/additions.


Thank you to all of our Vacation Bible School volunteers who have signed up to help with this year’s adventure! We could not make this week happen without you. From planning and setting up, to actually running the program and then tearing down, each one of you is appreciated for your efforts. We know we are going to have a wonderful time this year and we can’t wait to see how God works through us!


• July 19-21, AL/MS Conference, Huntsville, AL
• August 18, Presbytery Meeting, Bay Minette, AL
• September 30, Fall Gathering, Bay Minette, AL
• January 20, COLT Conference, Spanish Fort, AL


Green Hill Ladies, keep an eye out for an upcoming survey. The Coordinating Team of the Presbyterian Women here at Green Hill wants to know how to serve you better. We’d like to know what activities you might like to do and when you would like to meet. This survey will be a huge help in planning our activities for the upcoming year. Thank you for your input!


In a world that is always searching for the “next big thing”, some things will never change and can never be improved upon. God, His Promises, His Word, and the Gospel are unchangeable, which is why Green Hill and the Go Fish Guys invite you to KICK IT OLD SCHOOL!

Who: Children, Completed 1st – 6th Grade
What: Vacation Bible School
When: June 19 to June 23 * 9:00am to Noon
Where: Green Hill Presbyterian Church

Registration forms can be picked up at the church or can be downloaded off of the church website.

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