Weekly Announcements, September 28, 2017


Kendall, Makayla, and Emma are earning money to go on Girl Scout trips and to work on Girl Scout projects. Specifically they are earning money for their Silver Award Project, which is the highest award they can earn as Cadettes. They want to make “whisper phones” to donate to the Kindergarten and special needs students here in Enterprise to help them learn how to read. Be sure to ask the girls about the project when you see them! If you would like to help them out by shopping in the Fall Product Sale, please see one of the girls to ask for an order form. It has magazines, nuts, and chocolate! Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts!


Due to circumstances beyond the control of the office, we have not printed a newsletter for the month of October. Please stay tuned to the Sunday bulletin and to the church website for the latest updates. If you have any news to report, please contact the church office. Announcements can be submitted throughout the month and we have multiple ways to spread the news. Many thanks to everyone who contributes!

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