Weekly Announcements, October 11, 2018


A number of our church members have had problems with their Facebook accounts recently. This problem is going around all over the internet affecting people all over the world. Someone is copying people’s names and profile pictures and creating duplicate accounts. If you receive a friend request from someone you are already Facebook friends with, the best thing to do is to report the fake account to Facebook.

To do this, go to the fake account and click on the three little dots next to the word “Message.” Then select the option that says, “Give feedback or report this profile.” From there you can tell Facebook which of your friends is being impersonated. Facebook will investigate and will get rid of the fake account.

It is important to note that your friend’s original account hasn’t actually been “hacked.” A duplicate account has been created in an attempt to scam the person’s friends. If the scammers can convince the person’s friends that the account is real, they can try to convince the friends that the person is in trouble and can try to get the friends to send money online. It is common for scammers to target grandparents by pretending to be their grandchildren.

The best way to protect yourself is to never send money to anyone online unless you have truly verified that the person is who he/she claims to be. And never send money to someone who contacts you on Facebook.

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