Weekly Announcements, September 19, 2019


On Saturday, October 19, Green Hill will have a booth at the Downtown Fall Festival. This is a great opportunity to get some exposure in the community and to share our love of God with others. We will need volunteers to help staff the booth. A sign-up form will be coming out soon.


The Social Media Committee at Green Hill has been working on a plan to make our church more visible in the online community, which is where so many people spend their time these days. We are working on a “tagline” that can be used in online advertising, a few short words that sum up what Green Hill is all about.

Four of the taglines we are considering are:

Green Hill Presbyterian Church
Your Church Home

Green Hill Presbyterian Church
Rooted in Community, Growing in Faith

Green Hill Presbyterian Church
A Home for All

Green Hill Presbyterian Church
Know Christ, Know Your Neighbor

At some point in the near future we are going to be seeking the input from the congregation on which tagline you all think best describes Green Hill. So, take some time to look over the four taglines and be ready to tell us what you think, or to let us know if you have any tagline ideas of your own.

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