Weekly Announcements, October 24, 2019


The newsletter for November is ready to be picked up on the table in the Fellowship Hall. Please pick up your copy today and save us the cost of a stamp.


Green Hill’s annual Stewardship Sunday is coming up. Each year in November we ask our members and our regular worshipers to prayerfully examine their resources and to pledge a portion to God’s work. It is important to remember that Stewardship includes contributions of not just money, but also of time, talent, and prayer.

For the purpose of planning the church’s annual budget, blank pledge cards will be mailed out to everyone the last week of October. Please write your financial pledge on a pledge card and return it to the church by dropping it in the offering plate no later than Sunday, November 17.

The returned pledge cards will only be seen by Joel. He will use the information to estimate the total amount of giving expected for 2020. This is the number the Session will use in planning next year’s budget.

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