Footsteps of Jesus: Easter Sunday

12 April 2020

The actual tomb of Jesus will probably never be conclusively identified, but there are two locations in Jerusalem that claim to be the spot. One candidate is now contained within a large Romanesque church called the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Another candidate, shown above, is known as the Garden Tomb. The Garden Tomb is a popular location to visit to see an ancient tomb that looks like the one described in the Gospels.

Have you been following the Footsteps of Jesus? Since Epiphany, each 2020 Sunday bulletin cover has had a picture of a location in the Holy Land that tied into that day’s Gospel reading. The pictures show the probable locations of the baptism of Jesus, his days of ministry to the people, and more. These photos will continue through to Trinity Sunday as we explore the life of Jesus and its meaning for us today.  To see the rest of the photos in this series, click HERE.

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