Footsteps of Jesus: 3rd Sunday of Easter


Like many locations mentioned in the Bible, the road to Emmaus is difficult to find today, in part because there were several towns named Emmaus in the area of Jerusalem. Many researchers believe that the road mentioned in Luke was a Roman road that led to the town of Motza-Emmaus. Unfortunately this ancient road, originally made up of carved stones skillfully fitted together, has been eroding away for centuries. In the middle of the photo you can see the large stones that would have made up the curb of the road.

Have you been following the Footsteps of Jesus? Since Epiphany, each 2020 worship bulletin cover has had a picture of a location in the Holy Land that tied into that day’s Gospel reading. The pictures show the probable locations of the baptism of Jesus, his days of ministry to the people, and more. These photos will continue through to Trinity Sunday as we explore the life of Jesus and its meaning for us today.  To see the rest of the photos in this series, click HERE.

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