Green Hill Good News, July 2020

Green Hill Good News Online* Edition for July 2020

*Online Edition: Church members, check your e-mail and/or a printed copy for the complete newsletter.


Two thoughts: Happy Fourth! Happy 244th birthday, United States of America!

Birthdays are important days, both for celebrating and for reflecting. Celebrating the birth of our great nation is the same. It is a time for looking back on those founding fathers and their vision for a democracy built on their experience elsewhere and their willingness to risk everything for it. It is a time of looking forward and asking ourselves just what we are doing to ensure that their vision and that of those whose blood has been spilled for freedom is supported and preserved while we live.

Secondly, I am so pleased at the commitment you all are showing to Green Hill Church during this trying time. You are not only coming to worship and Bible study, but helping to take care of the needs of others both in our congregation and community. I salute you, members of the Body of Christ!



On the church’s website,, you can see an interactive calendar of all church events, which includes a week, month, and agenda view, as well as the option to print. This calendar is always up-to-date with the latest information. If you have any questions about the calendar, or if you need to add an event to the calendar, please contact the church office at 334-347-9530.


The BSA Scouts at Green Hill are preparing to renovate the Scout Hut and the Bus Barn at the back of the church property. The Scout Hut will receive some much needed maintenance (Phase One) and the Bus Barn will be converted into a meeting space with classrooms (Phase Two).

Green Hill is the chartering organization for Boy Troop 150, Girl Troop 150, Cub Pack 150, and Venture Crew 150.


The homeschool community in Enterprise is strong, and we at Green Hill are proud to support homeschooling families by offering them a place to meet for their special events, like Spelling Bees, Science Fairs, and more.

With the uncertainty of public schooling due to the spread of the Coronavirus, there has been a surge in interest in homeschooling all over our country, and many families who have never homeschooled before are interested in learning more about how to do it.

Our local homeschool group, HEART of the Wiregrass, will hold a “Homeschool 101” class on Saturday, July 11. Anyone who wants to learn more about homeschooling in the Wiregrass area is welcome to attend. Please visit the group’s Facebook page for complete details:

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