Weekly Announcements, November 12, 2020


November 15 is Green Hill’s annual Stewardship Sunday.

It is important to remember that Stewardship includes contributions of not just money, but also of time, talent, and prayer.

For the purpose of planning our annual budget, everyone is asked to write their financial pledge on a card and drop it in the offering plate. Blank cards are available in the office for anyone who may have misplaced their card.

The returned pledge cards will only be seen by Sandra. She will use the information to estimate the total amount of giving expected for 2021. This is the number the Session will use for planning next year’s budget.


November 15 is the final Sunday of the year that we will have green as our lectionary color. We are nearing the end of Ordinary Time, also known as the Time after Pentecost, and are very near to the season of Advent, when we prepare for the arrival of Christ.

During the majority of the church year, the color that you will find is green. Because the color green is so often associated with life, the use of green during the seasons and the times when there is “nothing special” going on in the life of the church (no big festivals or holidays) reminds us that God is present among us, breathing life into us and into our church.

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