Weekly Announcements, March 25, 2021


If you are on the list to receive a printed newsletter, please pick up your copy in the Fellowship Hall. If the church office has your email address on file, you should have already received a digital copy of the newsletter.


The church office is working on a new directory. A “draft copy” has been printed and is sitting on the desk in the office. Please take a moment to review your listing to make sure all of your information is as it should be. In a couple of weeks a new directory will be published for the church members.


This Sunday as we enter into Holy Week and celebrate Palm Sunday it may feel like the Easter Season has already begun, but Lent actually continues for several more days.

The season of Lent ends on the evening of Maundy Thursday as the Church begins its annual celebration of the Sacred Paschal Triduum or the Three Days. Beginning with the Lord’s Supper on Thursday night and continuing to Easter Sunday evening, these three days form the most important days of the Church year.

The three of the Triduum days are counted as the Hebrews counted their days, from dusk to dusk. Therefore, the three days of the Easter Triduum are from dusk on Holy Thursday to dusk on Good Friday (day one), dusk on Good Friday to dusk on Holy Saturday (day two), and dusk on Holy Saturday to dusk on Easter Sunday (day three).

We take three days to celebrate this great foundation of our faith because it is simply too powerful and rich for a one-day celebration!

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