Weekly Announcements, May 13, 2021


Please join us in celebrating and supporting mothers in our community with the Wiregrass Emergency Pregnancy Service (WEPS) annual Baby Bottle Fund-raiser. The process is simple: Just pick up a bottle at the church today, keep it at home over the next month to fill with your loose change, and then bring it back to the church on Father’s Day. Your support will help provide free testing, guidance, education, and material support for the mothers who are most in need.


For seven weeks, a week of Sundays, we acclaim the resurrection of Christ by the power of God. The period of seven weeks of jubilation can be traced back to its Jewish roots of the fifty days celebrated from the day after Passover to Shavuot (Feast of Weeks, Exodus 23:16). For Jews, the Feast of Weeks closed the season of harvest, which had been initiated by the Feast of Unleavened Bread. In a similar manner, early Christians observed a fifty-day period of celebration from Easter to the Day of Pentecost. To underscore the uninterrupted rejoicing of these fifty days, fasting and kneeling in prayer were forbidden at least as early as the end of the second century. On the pentecoste (“fiftieth”) day, not only was the fifty-day period concluded, but a festival with its own proper content was celebrated. The Jews observed a feast of covenant renewal and eventually commemorated the giving of the Law. Christians celebrated the gift of the Spirit as preparing the way for the day of the Lord. What Moses and the Law did for the Jewish community, the Holy Spirit now does for the community of Christ.

An excerpt from the Companion to the Book of Common Worship (Geneva Press, 2003, 117)

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