Green Hill Good News Online Edition for June 2021


Sunday School is b-a-c-k!!

On the first Sunday (and the Sundays thereafter), we will return to our regular Adult Sunday School, held in the Session Room (next to the Office). We are amending the hour of our meeting to 10 a.m. (instead of 9:30). We will meet from 10:00 to 10:45, and have 15 minutes to join others in worship at 11 a.m. We may plan to have coffee and water, but for now, no Café between Sunday School and Church.

It will be great to have some real feedback on the lessons for the first time in a year as we move back to normal!

See you Sunday!



Please join us in celebrating and supporting mothers in our community with the Wiregrass Emergency Pregnancy Service (WEPS) annual Baby Bottle Fund-raiser. The process is simple: Just pick up a bottle at the church today, keep it at home over the next month to fill with your loose change, and then bring it back to the church on Father’s Day (June 20). Your support will help provide free testing, guidance, education, and material support for the mothers who are most in need.


Congratulations to the four Boy Scouts from BSA Troop 150 who are graduating from high school: Connor Bogart, Bryson Schmidt, Donovan Alford, and Joey Tarlavsky. Three of these young men, Connor, Bryson, and Joey, have also earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Donovan is on schedule to earn the rank of Eagle in early June.


According to the Christian calendar, we are now in the “Time after Pentecost” and that means it is time to take up the annual Pentecost Offering.

As you may recall, this special offering is something we collect one time a year, and the purpose of the offering is to benefit at-risk children, youth, and young adults. A portion of the offering is sent to PCUSA to be used for their national programs, but 40% of the money stays here, at Green Hill, to benefit youth in our area. Traditionally this money is used at the end of the summer to help needy families purchase school supplies for their children.

If you feel called to contribute to this offering, you can use one of the red envelopes found in the pew racks, or, you can simply write the word “Pentecost” on the memo line of your check. We will accept donations to this offering through the month of June. Thank you to everyone for supporting this very worthy mission of our church.


Ordinary Time is the part of the liturgical calendar that falls outside the major seasons such as Advent, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter. Ordinary time begins with the passing of the Day of Pentecost and continues until the First Sunday of Advent, and is the longest season of the church year.

The term ordinary may be derived from “ordinal,” which means “counted,” though this is disputed. It may simply mean ordinary. This isn’t necessarily negative. It’s simply the time of the year when we are not commemorating the major events in the life of Jesus—such as his birth, death, and resurrection—but rather the things he said and did throughout his time on earth.

Most of the days of our lives are ordinary, of course—no birth or death, no epiphanies or miracles, time filled with the ordinary love and hope and fear common to daily life.

The liturgical color of this season is green, which is why it is sometimes called “the green season.” Green often symbolizes growth. During this season, the church delves deeper into scripture and the life of Jesus. We read his parables and remember how he changed the lives of everyone he interacted with, in ways big and small. This is a time when we explore what it means to live daily in faith, a time of growth as we explore everyday sacredness.

-Excerpt from the Voices of Trinity blog

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