Weekly Announcements, June 24, 2021


The Green Hill Good News for July has been printed and is ready to be picked up on the table in the Fellowship Hall.  If you are on the list to receive a printed copy, please pick up your copy today.  Elders, your copies have been placed in your mailboxes in the church office. 


Today is the final day contributions will be accepted for the annual Pentecost Offering.  As you may recall, this special offering is something we collect one time a year, and the purpose of the offering is to benefit at-risk children, youth, and young adults. A portion of the offering is sent to PCUSA to be used for their national programs, but 40% of the money stays here, at Green Hill, to benefit youth in our area. Traditionally this money is used at the end of the summer to help needy families purchase school supplies for their children.

If you feel called to contribute to this offering, you can use one of the red envelopes found in the pew racks.  Thank you to everyone for supporting this very worthy mission of our church.


Are we in Ordinary Time or are we in the Time After Pentecost?  We are in both!    The name “Ordinary Time” does not mean ordinary as we use the word. It comes from the word ordinal, an adjective denoting a numerical position of an object. It’s “first, second, third,” instead of “one, two, three.” Originally, all the Sundays that weren’t contained in the Advent/Christmas or Lent/Easter seasons were indicated by ordinal numbers, hence the designation. Ordinary Time is basically “counted time.”

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