Statement on Marriage

Green Hill Presbyterian Church

Because of the vote of the Presbyteries affirming Amendment 14-F (which changes the definition of marriage in the Book of Order to a union between two people, instead of a man and a woman), with an understanding of the desire of Green Hill Presbyterian Church to maintain a scriptural definition of marriage, and under the provisions of the Book of Order, Paragraph G-2.0105, Freedom of Conscience, the Session has adopted the following positional statement clarifying what Green Hill Presbyterian Church desires to represent to the community as its witness.

At Green Hill Presbyterian Church:

  1. We commit ourselves to love and treat all persons with respect as beloved children of God.
  2. We commit ourselves to welcome all persons into the life and fellowship of the church, to extend pastoral care and the instruction of the church.
  3. Regarding the ordinance of marriage, we hold to the Biblical view of marriage as between a man and a woman, as written in Holy Scripture and in the Confessional standards of the church.


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