The Session of Green Hill Presbyterian consists of elected representatives, or Elders, who are responsible for the day to day operations of the church.  Their areas of focus include:  Outreach/Missions, Christian Education, Congregational Care, Admin/Stewardship, Worship, and Building/Grounds.

The church also has elected Trustees who have custodial responsibility for many of the Church’s assets.  They represent the church for matters related to buying, selling, and mortgaging property.

Any adult member of the Green Hill congregation, male or female, is eligible to be considered for the position of Elder and/or Trustee.  Elders and Trustees are elected once a year, by the church congregation.  Each Elder and Trustee serves for a term of three years.  

The Green Hill Session meets once a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month.  Any church member who wishes to attend a Session meeting is welcome.  Any church member who wishes to speak at the Session meeting is asked to contact the Clerk of the Session ahead of time so he/she can be given a spot on the meeting agenda.



Class of 2019 (extended to 2020)

          • Elder David Carter
          • Elder Charles Oliver
          • Trustee Betty Jo Bierbaum

Class of 2020

          • Elder Denise Aylesworth – Clerk of Session
          • Elder Joel Mikuta
          • Trustee Sandra DeTora

Class of 2021

          • Elder Betty Jo Bierbaum
          • Elder Gloria Webb
          • Trustee Tommy Patterson

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