Who We Are

Green Hill Presbyterian Church


Green Hill Presbyterian Church was founded in 1960. It shares a common Reformed heritage and embraces the core values of the Presbyterian tradition. Our origins can be traced to a group of like-minded Presbyterian worshipers desiring to provide a caring and loving atmosphere for military, civil service, and other potentially transient people in the Enterprise community. As years went on, the church grew and people joined for numerous other reasons – personal invitations, people moving to the area searching for a Presbyterian Church, and others searching for a church home, to name a few. Today, our congregation enjoys a high percentage of former military and civil service members and their families, as well as Presbyterians moving here from other locations, and our local families.

Our Sunday service is traditional. The church community is caring, loving, and family oriented. The church is mission and community minded. We offer many activities in which friends and families may choose to participate. Visitors often return here, citing that they simply feel at home when they walk in the doors of Green Hill Presbyterian Church.

Green Hill Presbyterian Church is one of only two Presbyterian churches in Enterprise; the other is of the PCA denomination. What sets Green Hill apart, besides church government, is the Presbyterian Church’s emphasis on the gospel of Grace. Salvation is not earned but is God’s gift, offered and bestowed solely by His grace. Our congregation is Christ centered, and lives that love in the care and love shown for one another. After worshiping at Green Hill Presbyterian Church you know that you have been in God’s house.

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