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The Christian Year: Day of Pentecost

On the Day of Pentecost we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit descending in a mighty rush of wind and flame to inspire the church’s proclamation of Christ’s rising and to empower its mission and ministry to the world. (See Acts 2:1-13; see also Joel 2:28-32.)

The notion of Easter as a season of 50 days ending at Pentecost is patterned after the ancient Jewish festival of seven weeks that extended from the beginning of the barley harvest (on the second day after the beginning of Passover) to the end of the wheat harvest at the Festival of Weeks or Shavuot (see Deuteronomy 16:9-12). The Festival of Weeks later came to be called Pentecost (“50th day”) by Greek speaking Jews. In Jewish tradition, Shavuot also marks the giving of the law to Moses at Sinai; this liturgical link may inform Paul’s discussions of the law and the Spirit (see Romans 8, 2 Corinthians 3 and Galatians 3).

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Sunday Scripture Reading, June 9, 2019

Rev. David Jamison

Sermon: Resurrection Power on the Loose!

Service begins at 11:00am * All are Welcome!

First Lesson: Acts 2:1-21

Epistle Lesson: Romans 8:14-17

Gospel Lesson: John 14:8-17

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Weekly Announcements, June 6, 2019


This week we will celebrate Pentecost Sunday. On this day, PCUSA churches everywhere take up a special offering that will benefit at-risk children, youth, and young adults. Forty percent of the offering collected at Green Hill will stay at Green Hill, to be used by our congregation, in our community. If you feel called to contribute to this offering, please use one of the red envelopes found in the pew racks.


Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? We are! In addition to having a very full website, the church also has accounts on social media platforms.  To find us on your preferred social media site, just search for GREENHILLPC. And, if you want to follow our Girl Scouts on Instagram, search for GREENHILLJULIETTES.  Please take a moment to Click, Follow, and Like to get all of the latest news. See you in cyberspace!

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The Definitive Guide To What Young People Need

Next Sunday we will celebrate the Day of Pentecost, the day the church received the gift of the Holy Spirit.  On this day we will take up a Special Offering that is aimed specifically at helping children at risk, youth, and young adults.  As we approach Pentecost, it is time to focus on the youth in our churches and the youth in our surrounding communities.  Watch the video above to hear what Pastor Ryan Landino, a Presbyterian leader from Geneseo, IL, found out about what young people need.

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Green Hill Church Calendar – June 2019


The church office is open 8am to Noon, Monday to Thursday.

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Weekly Announcements, May 30, 2019


The new Our Daily Bread booklets for June/July/August are now available on the table in the Narthex. In addition to the regular size print books, we also have some new large print booklets. However the large print books are for July/August/September. So, please grab a copy for yourself, but be sure to check the dates.


On Sunday we will take a moment to honor Girl Scout Makayla as she “bridges” to the next level in Girl Scouting. Makayla is currently a Girl Scout Cadette and at the beginning of our service she will official become a Girl Scout Senior.

Makayla has earned many awards in her time as a Girl Scout, including the Silver Award and the Bronze Award, the second and third highest awards a Girl Scout can earn. As a Girl Scout Senior she can begin working toward earning the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting.


During our worship service on Sunday we will recognize the McDonough family for their many years of dedication and outstanding service to the Green Hill church family. We will miss them as they move to Dothan and become part of the Evergreen Presbyterian Church family.

We feel sorrow in your leaving, yet we rejoice with you in anticipation of this new phase of your life. We will miss your love and support, yet we know you will add much to the lives of those who will be your new church family, as you have added much to our lives.

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The Christian Year: Ascension of the Lord

Forty days after the Resurrection of the Lord (Easter Sunday), we remember and celebrate the Ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ into heaven. (See Luke 24:50-53 and Acts 1:1-11; see also Mark 16:19-20.) On this day, the church gives thanks for Christ’s sovereign rule over all the earth, as well as his priestly intercession for us at the throne of mercy (Hebrews 4:14-16).

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