United States Constitution Class

United States Constitution Class – Biblical Citizenship

Please join us for this 8 week course which includes commentary from many notable persons, including pastors, constitutional experts, historians and others, as well as an abbreviated version of Constitution Alive!, which is the more extensive course on the Constitution. Each week we will begin with an introduction the the weeks class and then take a journey through the Bible and American History to rediscover the secret sauce that produces a prosperous society when Biblical Principles are applied, We will visit experts across the Nation, visit the amazing library of David Barton where we will find the world’s largest private collection of Americas Founding Era documents, and then we will dive into the U. S. Constitution with Rick Green in the very room where it was framed – Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This class is Hosted by Patrick and Sheridan Smith, Patriot Academy Constitution Coaches.

Please join us from 6:00pm to 7:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. Get ready…buckle up…this is a fun, fast and exciting learning experience. If yo wish to purchase the workbook for the class you may do so on site. The cost is $20.00 for the book. The class is free.

April 18th Week 1: The Foundation – Morality, Education, Law & Liberty

April 25th Week 2: Tending The Garden – What the didn’t teach you in school

May 2nd Week 3: Understanding the Times – The fate of the free world depends on us

May 9th Week 4: The Seeds of Liberty – The Framer’s formula for lasting freedom

May 16th Week 5: Who Has Authority to Decide? – Do’s and Don’ts of Congress

May 23rd Week 6: Of Kings and Courts – The Presidency and the Judiciary

May 30th Week 7: Religious Liberty and Other Rights – The Bill of Rights

June 6th Week 8: Being Salt and Light – What is our role?

If you have questions, please email Sheridan Smith at flying36@flying36.org.

We look forward to seeing you in class!!

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