Statement on Boy Scouts

To the Scouters, Parents, Cub Scouts of Pack 150, and Boy Scouts of Troop 150:

The recent change in membership standards adopted by the Boy Scouts of America this past summer has led to much concern, confusion, and rumor. The purpose of this letter is to clarify to all concerned the position of Green Hill Presbyterian Church as regards our role as Chartering Organization for Cub Scout Pack 150 and Boy Scout Troop 150.

A Task Force was formed within the church that studied this issue extensively. The Session of Green Hill Presbyterian Church met to hear the recommendation of the Task Force and clarify any remaining concerns. A vote as to our course of action was then taken Sunday, November 10, 2013.

Green Hill Presbyterian Church will continue to remain the Chartering

Organization for Cub Scout Pack 150 and Boy Scout Troop 150.

These organizations, through their many programs, serve to provide the youth and young men of our community with character building, leadership opportunities, and training in various life skills not afforded by other organizations. We are proud to be affiliated with both of these fine organizations and desire to continue our support for them and their programs. It is also our wish to increase our direct support of these organizations by having greater visibility by members of the church in attendance at Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting events.

Although our faith neither supports nor condones homosexual or other “alternative” lifestyles, our consensus was that the new membership standards merely prohibit discrimination for boys seeking membership in the organizations, and do not mean that the Boy Scouts of America at either the national or local levels support or endorse homosexual activities. The focus remains, as it has been and as it should be, on a quality program for male youth.

As the Chartering Organization, our expectation is that the new membership standards will be met and applied in a non-discriminatory manner to all boys desiring to participate in the Scouting program. Furthermore, the standards of the Boy Scouts of America regarding sexuality have not changed. Any such activities engaged in by Scouts, be they heterosexual or homosexual in nature, are prohibited by national policy of the Boy Scouts of America. As has been the standard before, such behaviors, or actions of a social or political nature will not be tolerated, and may be considered grounds for suspension or termination of the boy in the Scouting program. We leave it to the discretion of the Pack and Troop committees to determine specific policies within these general guidelines.

The Session wishes to express its appreciation to all those concerned for their patience as we have wrestled with this issue and sought to determine a course of action as God would lead us. Although many variances in opinion are recognized regarding this issue, and not all may be happy with the path chosen by the Session, we must now strive to put any differences aside and work to provide the highest quality of program for our Scouts. We ask for everyone’s support and participation toward this goal.


The Session of Green Hill Presbyterian Church

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