Presbyterian Home for Children

Green Hill Presbyterian Church is a supporter of the Presbyterian Home for Children

About the Presbyterian Home for Children

Presbyterian-ArchwayThe Presbyterian Home for Children, located in Talladega, Alabama, has provided services to children in need since 1868. Originally founded as an orphanage, today it provides a wider range of services for children and their families.

Secure Dwellings is an on-campus ministry for homeless children and their female caregivers. We help these women reach the next level — education, life skills, job training, employment — by providing transitional housing, transportation, and access to social services. The goal is to provide a safe haven for children who have been homeless to rest, grow, and play while their parent or guardian works on developing the educational, vocational, and social skills necessary to become self-sufficient.

Transition to Adult Living is a ministry focused on helping young women ages 19-24 successfully transition to adulthood. These ladies dream of rising above their past situations; lives without poverty, domestic violence, and neglect. Program participants are given group and individualized training concerning budgeting, financial aid, job interviews, and even safe boundaries within relationships. We meet each young woman where she is on her life journey and assist her in mapping out and reaching her goals.

Moderate Residential Care is provided for children who live on the 88-acre campus near downtown Talladega. Many are referred by the State of Alabama through the Department of Human Resources (DHR). Others are privately placed by families who recognize the need for outside help with a child’s behavioral or educational needs.

Hope Academy, the Home’s SACS-accredited on-campus school, meets the educational needs of both residents and private-pay students from the community who are attracted by the small class size and personalized attention of the school. As children come and go from campus, course credits are transferrable to all schools and count toward graduation for older students.

The Presbyterian Home for Children is a registered 501(c ) 3 non-profit serving children and families regardless of race, color, creed, gender, national origin or disability. The ministry is governed by a Board of Trustees elected in part by North Alabama Presbytery, the Presbytery of Sheppards and Lapsley and South Alabama Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA).


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