Congratulations Girl Scout Graduates!

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Scouts BSA 150 Holds Food Drive

Thank you Enterprise! This weekend we had a super successful food drive in support of the Green Hill Food Pantry.  Thank you to the Scouts of BSA 150 for setting up and running the event.  The photo above is just a small sample of the food that was collected.  Prior to this food drive our food supply was down to nothing.  Now we will be able to get back to feeding those in need in our area.

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Morning Worship via Facebook Video, for May 17, 2020

We had a couple of false starts getting the video going this morning, but we eventually got it working!  We were so happy to be able to worship in the Sanctuary again, and we were thrilled to see the “watching” icon pop up for those of you who were worshiping with us from home.


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Footsteps of Jesus: 6th Sunday of Easter


May 17, 2020

Just like with last week, this week’s Gospel reading takes place in a time prior to the Crucifixion. After the Last Supper and prior to Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus attempts to comfort his disciples. In this Scripture Jesus promises the arrival of the Holy Spirit. The final words of the chapter, “Come now; let us leave.” seem to indicate that the disciples are still gathered in the area of the Upper Room. This morning’s bulletin cover photo shows the exterior of the building, from the courtyard, where perhaps Jesus and his disciples walked on their way to the Garden.

Have you been following the Footsteps of Jesus? Since Epiphany, each 2020 worship bulletin cover has had a picture of a location in the Holy Land that tied into that day’s Gospel reading. The pictures show the probable locations of the baptism of Jesus, his days of ministry to the people, and more. These photos will continue through to Trinity Sunday as we explore the life of Jesus and its meaning for us today.  To see the rest of the photos in this series, click HERE.

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Sunday Scripture Reading, May 17, 2020

Rev. David Jamison

On Naming the Unknown!

Service begins at 11:00am 

In the Sanctuary AND Online

Hebrew Lesson: Acts 17:22-31

Epistle Lesson: 1 Peter 3:13-22

Gospel Lesson: John 14:15-21

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